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- Archiva Zootehnica Vol. 11, No 1, 2008-

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Table of contents


Nutrition and gut health of the young pig around weaning: what news
J.-P. Lallčs


The effect of replacing dietary barley with dry corn gluten feed on the dynamics of ruminal pH
C. Dragomir, Smaranda Pop, N. Florescu, Mihaela Vlassa


Reproductive performance and investigation of BMPR-IB and BMP-15 gene mutations in Greek Chios and Florina sheep breeds
G. Michailidis, Melpomeni Avdi, V. Pappa


Histological modification at the caecum level generated by introducing medicinal plants and essential oils in broilers feed
Lavinia Stef, Gabi Dumitrescu, D. Drinceanu, I. Luca, D Stef, C. Julean


Investigation of Tribulus terrestris extract on the biochemical parameters of eggs and blood serum in laying hens
S. Grigorova, D. Vasileva, B. Kashamov, V. Sredkova, S. Surdjiiska


Effect of using high oleaginous (full-fat soy, rapeseeds) diets on cattle meat production and quality
Dorica Voicu, Veronica Hebean, I. Voicu, Mihaela Hebeanu


Effect of initial weight on feedlot local breed cattle performance in the Mediterranean conditions
Yalcin Bozkurt, Ismail Kaya


Research into the efficiency of dietary protein utilisation by lactating Carpathian goats
I.Voicu, Dorica Voicu, Doina Popa, N. Florescu


Effect of different feeding conditions and aging on meat tenderness in bulls
A. Dufek, M. Bjelka, J. Šubrt, Jana Simeonovová, M. Homola, R. Filipcík, J. Ríha