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- Archiva Zootehnica Vol. 11, No 2, 2008-

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Table of contents


Herbs and organic acids as an alternative for antibiotic-growth-promoters
Jovanka Levic, Markov Siniša, Olivera Djuragic, Sredanovic Slavica


Alteration on the histological structure of some organs induced by low levels of Don mycotoxin in weaned piglets
G. Dumitrescu, D. Drinceanu, Lavinia Stef, Liliana Boca, Ionelia Taranu, Daniela Marin


Inbreeding in purebred Slovak Pinzgau dual-purpose cattle population
O. Kadlecík, R. Kasarda, G. Mészáros


Comparison between breeding values for milk production and reproduction of bulls of Holstein breed in artificial insemination and bulls in natural service
J. Bezdícek, Zlata Lakomá, F. Louda


Lipid profile after alpha-linolenic acid (ALA) enriched eggs diet: a study on healthy volunteers
Dana Manda, Mihaela Giurcaneanu, Liliana Ionescu, Rodica Criste, Tatiana Panaite, Oana Popa, Suzana Vladoiu, Olga Iana


The effect of inoculation on the fermentation characteristics, aerobic stability and intake of grass-legume silage by dairy cows
J. Jatkauskas and Vilma Vrotniakiene


Effect of the dietary alfalfa on iron balance in weaned piglets
Rodica Diana Criste, Arabela Untea, Tatiana Panaite, Ionelia Taran


The use of X-ray computer tomography for slaughter value estimation of cattle
G. Holló, E. Szucs, J. Tozsér, I. Holló, J. Seregi, I. Repa


Note on the genetic history of the Romanian Saddleback (Bazna) pig breed conservation nucleus
C. Draganescu, Elena Ghita, Al.Nagy