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- Archiva Zootehnica Vol. 12, No 1, 2009-

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Table of contents


Ochratoxin: nature, origin, metabolism and toxic effects in pigs
Daniela Eliza Marin, Ionelia Taranu, Cristina Tabuc, Monica Burgehelea


New technologies and quality of trout and carp aquafeed
R. Jovanovic, Jovanka Levic, Slavica Sredanovic, D. Milisavljevic, Đ. German, Olivera Đuragic, S. Obradovic


Efficiency of soybean meal replacement by rapeseed meal and/or canola seeds in commercial layer diets
Georgeta Ciurescu


Breeding potential of the Slovak Pinzgau cattle: seeking biochemical and molecular biologic traits
V. Melus, R. Kasarda, O. Kadlecik, A. Trakovicka


Comparative research on carcass quality in suckling lambs of different local sheep breeds
Elena Ghita Pelmus Rodica, Cristina Lazar, Mariana Rebedea


The effect of genotype on sensory and technological quality of beef
D. Ostojic-Andric, V. Bogdanovic, S. Aleksic, M. M. Petrovic, V. Pantelic, Z. Novakovic


Estimation of some genetic parameters (heritability and repeatability) for milk yield in the Anatolian population of Holstein cows
S. Cilek, Emine Hesna Sahin


Comparative study on some Romanian and Bulgarian silkworm hybrids with the aim of their introduction in the family sericultural seed farms – II. Technological and productive traits of the raw cocoon
Alexandra Matei, N. Petkov, P. Tzenov, Magda Androne, Z. Petkov, Yolanda Vasileva


Utilization of an extract product from ginseng supplementation in diets and different energy levels of granulated feed in the nutrition of rabbits
L Chrastinová, M Chrenková, M Polaciková, A Lauková, M Simonová, R Szabóová, V Strompfová, L Ondruška, J Rafay, Z Vasilková, I Plachá, Š Faix, M Haviarová, J Mojto