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- Archiva Zootehnica Vol. 12, No 3, 2009-

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Table of contents


Effect of dietary fibre and dietary protein level on nitrogen excretion pattern of growing pigs
P. Patráš, S. Nitrayová, M. Brestenský, J. Heger


Effects of moderate (5%) levels of linseed in layer diets
Rodica Diana Criste


The effect of dietary non-starch polysaccharides on the intestinal viscosity and on the cecal microflora of broiler fed with various protein sources
Lavinia Stef, D. Drinceanu, N. Corcionivoschi, C. Julean, D. Stef, Daniela Mot, Eliza Simiz


Oxidative changes in lipids and proteins in beef during storage
Teodora Popova, Penka Marinova, Veselka Vasileva, Y. Gorinov, Krasimira Lidji


Bioproductive and economic effect of the safflower on steer performance
Dorica Voicu, I. Voicu, Veronica Hebean, Liliana Bader, A. Calin


In vitro evaluation of the chemoprotective action of flavan-3-ols against deoxynivalenol related toxicity
Cornelia Braicu, Ioana Berindan-Neagoe, Oana Tudoran, O. Balacescu, Dumitrita Rugina, Claudia Gherman, Carmen Socaciu, Al. Irimie


The effects of stocking density and light program on tibia quality of broilers of different genotype
Zdenka Škrbic, Zlatica Pavlovski, D. Vitorovic, M. Lukic, V. Petricevic


Semen quality and relevant blood plasma parameters of Rahmani rams fed different dietary energy levels
Yassein M. Hafez


Interactions among seasonality of reproduction, genotype and the ram effect
A Chanvallon, L Sagot , E Pottier, RJ Scaramuzzi and C Fabre-Nys


Estimation of genetic parameters and breeding values for lifetime production traits for Friesian cattle in Egypt
A. S. Khattab, H. Grosu and A. M. Hussein


Sequencing of exon three of as1-casein sheep and goat gene
Steliana Elvira Maria Kevorkian, Maria Adina Manea, Maria Georgiana Gavrila, Mariana Rebedea, S. E. Georgescu, Marieta Costache