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- Archiva Zootehnica Vol. 13, No 1, 2010-

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Table of contents


Linseed and rapeseed supplements diversely altered trans 18:1 isomers in total lipids of Longissimus thoracis muscle of finishing Normand cows
D. Bauchart, Esperanza Bispo Villar, Agnès Thomas, B. Lyan, Mihaela Habeanu, D. Gruffat, D. Durand


Effect of lactobacillus feed supplement in deoxynivalenol intoxicated piglets
Daniela Eliza Marin, Ionelia Taranu, Monica Motiu, G. Manda


The effects of mineral supplement use on broiler chickens bioproductive performances on organic farms
D. Drinceanu, Lavinia Stef, Eliza Simiz, C. Julean, I. Luca, Iftimia Sofian


The influence of corn extrusion in chicken diet
S. Filipovic, Marijana Sakac, Š. Kormanjoš, D. Okanovic, Tatjana Savkovic, Nada Filipovic


Effects of ammonia treatment and undegradable protein supplementation on nutrient digestion of sheep fed on wheat straw based diets
I. S. Milad, C. Rymer, R. W. Radley


Research on the influence of new diet formulations on the quality of fattening lambs meat
I. Voicu, Mariana Ropota, Dorica Voicu


PCR-RFLP method to identify fish species of economic importance
Andreea Dudu, S. E. Georgescu, Anca Dinischiotu, Marieta Costache


Effect of sire, age at first calving, season and year of calving and parity on reproductive performance of Friesian cows under semiarid conditions in Egypt
M.H. Hammoud, S. Z. El-Zarkouny, E. Z. M. Oudah


Linear evaluation of the type of Holstein-Friesian bull dams
V. Pantelic, Stevica Aleksic, D. Ostojic-Andric, Ljiljana Sretenovic, M. M. Petrovic, Ž. Novakovic