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- Archiva Zootehnica Vol. 13, No. 4, 2010-

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Table of contents


Effect of a dietary botanical mix given to weaned piglets (10-30 kg) on animal performance and on the excretion of some trace elements (Fe, Mn, Zn)
Nicoleta Lefter, Arabela Untea, Rodica Diana Criste, Veronica Hebean, Daniela Belala, Viorica Tamas


Evaluation of some quantitative indicators of growth in population of sea shrimp (Marsupenaeus japonicus, Bate, 1888) cultivated in Narta husbandry
D. Arapi, Rigerta Sadikaj


Effect of the dietary protein source on the level of rumen microbial protein synthesis in growing rams
C. Dragomir, Mihaela Vlassa, Andreea Vasilachi


Productive performance of twin Friesian calves in Egypt
H M A Gaafar, A A Shitta, Sh M Shamiah, H A B Ganah


Preliminary investigations on milk proteins polymorphism in Carpathian goats and in F1 Carpathian x Saanen hybrids
Cristina Lazar, Rodica Pelmus, Daniela Marin, Elena Ghita


Remote sensing monitoring to determine dynamics of grassland available for animal production in Eastern Turkey
Y. Bozkurt, L. Basayigit, I. Kaya


Biotechnologies used to obtain probiotic biomass in batch system
E. Vamanu