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- Archiva Zootehnica Vol. 14, No. 1, 2011-

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Table of contents


The dietary omega -3 PUFA alter the metabolic and the immunologic serum profile in Mangalitza pigs in extensive rearing system
Mihaela Habeanu, Veronica Hebean, Al. Nagy, Ionelia Taranu, Nicoleta Lefter, Daniela Marin, H. Grosu


Effect of Roxazim G2 introduction into the compound feed for growing and fattening pigs
S. Kononenko


Enzyme effect on intestinal viscosity in broilers fed with wheat and barley based compound feed
Lavinia Stef, C. Julean., D. Drinceanu, Eliza Simiz, Rodica Caprita, D. S. Stef., C. Pandur


Effect of application of feeding by norms of lambs from Ile de France breed
Zaprianka Shindarska, N. Metodiev, Emilya Raicheva


The correlation of production characteristics with the genetic variants of the encoding locus of -lactoglobulin in three sheep breeds from Romania
S. E. Georgescu, Nicoleta Isfan, Steliana Maria Elvira Kevorkian, Mariana Rebedea, Marieta Costache


Determination of some normal serum parameters in juvenile Sevruga sturgeons Acipenser stellatus (Pallas, 1771)
Tanti Patriche, N. Patriche, Elena Bocioc


Possibilities to substitute the selection by independent levels with indirect selection
Gh. Sandu