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- Archiva Zootehnica Vol. 14, No. 2, 2011-

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Table of contents


Survey on the acceptance of the vaccination against boar taint
P. Spring, S. Hofer, T. Kupper


Wheat milling fractions as a carrier of sugar beet molasses - physical properties of pellets
R. Colovic, Nevena Mišljenovic, Dušica Ivanov, Gordana Koprivica, C. Dragomir, Lj. Levic, Jovanka Levic, Slavica Sredanovic


Multi-enriched eggs with omega 3 fatty acids, vitamin E and selenium
Natasha Gjorgovska, K. Filev


Efficiency of feed utilization by different hybrids of broiler chicks
Georgeta Ciurescu, H. Grosu


Growth-enhancing, health impact and bacteria suppressive property of lanthanum supplementation in broiler chicken
J.O. Agbede, A.A. Arimah, O.A. Adu, M.T. Olaleye, V.A. Aletor


Investigation of dietary probiotic effects on productive traits in broiler breeders
M. Lalev, Magdalena Oblakova, Pavlina Hristakieva, Nadja Minceva, Ivelina Ivaniva


Nutritional evaluation of berseem. 3. Effect of nitrogen fertilizer on berseem fed as hay to goats
M.K. Mohsen, G.S. El-Santiel, H.M.A. Gaafar, H.M. El-Gendy, E.A. El-Beltagi


Nitrogen utilisation in goats fed various oil cakes
S.K. George, A.K. Verma, U.R. Mehra, M.T. Dipu, P. Singh