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- Archiva Zootehnica Vol. 14, No. 3, 2011-

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Table of contents


Effects of organic selenium yeast administration on perinatal performance, growth efficiency and health status in pigs
L.B. Zavodnik, A.Shimkus, V.N. Belyavsky, D.V. Voronov,A. Shimkiene, D.B.Voloshin


Nutritional evaluation of berseem. 2. Effect of nitrogen fertilizer on berseem fed as silage to goats
M.K.Mohsen, G.S. El-Santiel, H.M.A. Gaafar, H.M. El-Gendy, E.A. El-Beltagi


Effects of boron supplementation to diet on performance and boron deposition in broilers
A. . Yildiz, O. Olgun, Y. Cufadar


Effects of different sources of boron supplementation to diet on egg shell quality and bone characteristics in laying hens
Y. Cufadar, O. Olgun, Y. Bahtiyarca


Influence of egg weight, breed and age of hens on weight loss of hatching broiler eggs
O.T.F. Abanikannda, A.O. Leigh, A. O. Giwa


Effect of storage duration on the quality of hatching turkey eggs
P. Hristakieva, M. Lalev, M. Oblakova, N. Mincheva, I. Ivanova


Longevity and life reproductive efficiency in Arabian broodmares
Iliana Sabeva, A. Apostolov


Effect of carbon source on carotenoid production by Rhodotorula sp.
Catalina Voaides, R. Dima