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- Archiva Zootehnica Vol. 15, No 2, 2012-

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Table of contents


Effect of dietary fat type on fatty acids profile of muscles and liver in female and male broiler (Ross-308)
H. A. Mohammed, E. Horniaková


Effect of utilization of black cumin (Nigella sativa) and parsley (Petroselinum crispum) in laying quail diets on egg yield, egg quality and hatchability
M. Tahan, I. Bayram


Effect of probiotics to the production of one-year old tench and common carp
Mirjana Mišcevic, M. Cirkovic , R. Jovanovic, Dragana Ljubojevic, Nikolina Novakov, Z. Mašic, Maja Markovic


Chemical composition of body including fatty acids of four cyprinids fish species cultured at the same conditions
M. Cirkovic, Dragana Ljubojevic, Vesna Đordevic, Nikolina Novakov, R. Petronijevic


Daily sperm production and spermatogenic efficiency of pubertal boars fed graded levels of cassava peel-based diets
S. O. Aro


Reproductive and molecular tools for animal genetic resources conservation and breeding
Claudia Socol, F. Criste, C. Sonea, I. Rosu, Al. V. Rusu, Georgiana Catalina Serban, N. Stefan, I. P. Cosmin


Anticoccidian effects of the Artemisia absinthium L. extracts in broiler chickens
Ljiljana Kostadinovic, Jovanka Levic, Tamara Galonja-Coghill, L. Ruzicic


In vitro studies for evaluation the antitumoral and immunomodulator effect of EGCG on Ehrlich Ascites
Claudia Gherman, Valentina Pileczki, Roxana Cojocneanu Petric, Cornelia Braicu, S. Rapuntean, Ioana Berindan Neagoe