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- Archiva Zootehnica Vol. 15, No 4, 2012-

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Table of contents


Protein quality evaluation and digestibility of some plant protein isolates and concentrates
O. Aletor


Effect of cassava meal supplemented with a combination of palm oil and cocoa husk as alternative energy source on broiler growth
J. R. Kana, H. Defang Fulefack, H. Mafouo Gandjou, R. Ngouana, M. Moube Noubissie, J. Ninjo, A. Teguia


Studies on the endoparasites of goats in spread Belgrade area in period 2009-2010
I. Pavlovic, Snezana Ivanovic, M. Žujovic, Zorica Tomic, Nurgin Memiši


Feed intake, feed efficiency, growth and their relationship with Kleiber ratio in Lori-Bakhtiari lambs
M. A. Talebi


Reproductive biology of freshwater prawn Macrobrachium vollenhovenii (Herklot, 1857) caught in Warri River
N. Florence Olele, P. Tawari-Fufeyin, J.C. Okonkwo


Effect of feeding with different dietary protein level on leukocytes population in juvenile Siberian sturgeon, Acipenser baeri Brandt
V. C. Docan, Lorena Dediu


Effect of probiotics on the production of one-year old tench and common carp
Mirjana Mišcevic, M. Cirkovic, R. Jovanovic, Dragana Ljubojevic, Nikolina Novakov, Z. Mašic, Maja Markovic