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- Archiva Zootehnica Vol. 2 -

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Table of contents


Romanian pro biotics for farm animals
V. Jurubescu, Val. Ciurel, I. Cureu, V. Greorgriu


Spermatozoa capacitation -condition of in vitro fertilization
V. Mocanu, M. Parascrivescu, L. Crivu, I. Stoian, St. Mantea


Mathematical model for energy and protein metabolism simulation in fattening young cattle
Gh. Burlacu, R. Burlacu


Determination of the ruminal microbial protein synthesis from 15N urea in sheep fed on diets with high levels of fiber
N. Crista, Ileana Garici, Gh. Gafton, S. Eolte, Iuliana C hisu , Gh. Burlacu


Effect of fertilization on the quantity and quality of the phytomass from Festuca rubra pastures
Alexandrina Diroru, N. Petcu, G. Diroru


Determination of the potential of urea fermentation of the main roughages used in sheep diets
Gh. Puia-Negulescu, Josefina Stavri, Gh. Burlacu


Absorption and metabolisation of minerals and vitamins contained in pig diet
Rodica Diana Criste, Ionelia Taranu, Gr. Burlacu, Monica Iliescu Margareta Olteanu, Ioana Birau, R. Burlacu


Feed utilization efficiency in young horses
Gh. Burlacu, M. Nicolae, E. Petracre, Gh. Georgescu, Dorica, Voicu, A. Dexamir, S. Balan


Variability of the level of production and reproduction performances achieved by poultry in different cages of the two-level reproduction battery
M. Panait, I. Mitrea, Clemansa Ardelean, C. Pana


Use of chelated microelements in poultry feeding
Gr. Muscalu, Rica Grünberg, Lucretia Scornea, D. Marcu, Ana Bianu, Maria Enache


Study of the remnant effect of the environment during the growth period on milk yield efficiency in dairy cows
D. Georgescu, Doina Georgescu, F. Beiu, Coculeana Bunghiuz


Study of the ecosystemic relationships of cattle by modeling
D. Georgescu, Doina Georgescu, F. Beiu