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- Archiva Zootechnica Vol. 20, No. 1, 2017-

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Table of contents


Progesterone and insulin - like growth factor 1 in serum of Shami goats during the early breeding season
Solieman A. Salhab, Adnan Al-Assad, D. Keisler, Moutaz Zarkawi


Effect of spirulina (Arthrospira platensis) on productive and reproductive performance of Friesian cows
H.M.A. Gaafar, W.A. Riad, Abdelgawad Y. Elsadany, K.F.A. El-Reidy, M.A. Abu El-Hamd


Quality of the eggs obtained from hens fed diet formulations rich in polyunsaturated fatty acids and with grape seeds meal as antioxidant
Margareta Olteanu, Rodica Diana Criste, Tatiana Dumitra Panaite, Mariana Ropota, Monica Mitoi, P. A. Vlaicu, Cristina Soica


Evaluation of oxidation stability and antioxidant activity in eggs enriched in ? 3 polyunsaturated fatty acids
Mihaela Saracila , Tatiana Dumitra Panaite, Arabela Untea, Mariana Ropota, P. A. Vlaicu, Cristina Soica, Monica Mitoi


Dietary vitamin A supplementary effects on performance and immuno-competence of broiler chickens
O.B. Faluyi, J.O. Agbede


Effect of the dietary grape seeds and rosehip oils given to broilers (14-42 days) reared at 32 C on broiler performance, relative weight
P. A. Vlaicu, Mihaela Saracila, Tatiana Dumitra Panaite, Cristina Tabuc, E. Bobe, Rodica Diana Criste


Possibilities for development of methods for assessment of meat productivity in skinned pigs II. Possibilities to use some measurements to develop methods for assessment of meat productivity in skinned pigs
J. Nakev, Maya Ignatova, Teodora Popova, Tania Nikolova, Penka Marinova


Nutritional evaluation of sprouted barley grains on agricultural by-products on performance of growing New Zealand white rabbits
M.K. Mohsen, E.M. Abdel-Raouf, H.M.A. Gaafar, A.M. Yousif


Effects of feeding camelina and linseed cake on the rumen metabolism of wethers
Smaranda Toma, C. Dragomir, Ana Cismileanu, Catalina Voaides,Ancuta Nedelcu