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- Archiva Zootehnica Vol. 7, 2004-

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Table of contents


Fl. Pricop, Consuela Roibu
Genetic determinism of the plumage colour in Roso SL hybrids


I. Kitanov, K. Tiufekchiev, V. Sredkova, D Gudev, S. Popova-Ralcheva, I. Yanchev, P. Moneva, M. Bonovska
Immune cells distribution and some biochemical parameters in Ovocap-treated laying hens


D. Gudev, S. Popova- Ralcheva, P. Moneva, M. Bonovska, G. Valchev, A. Valcheva
Effect of supplemental Sangrovit on some biochemical indices and leukocytes phagocytic activity in growing pigs


Cristina Dinu, Monica Pârvu, I. Cureu, M.C. Braslasu
Interaction between the diet, temperature and some blood constituents in Roso hens


Monica Pârvu, Doina Grossu, I. Cureu, Cristina Dinu
Influence of the light program on the growth process of broilers


Mihaela Hăbeanu, Veronica Hebean, I. Moldovan, Al. Lionide
Improved utilization of rice processing waste in growing pig feeding


M. Nicolae, C. Popescu, C. Dragomir, Smaranda Pop, G. Petrescu
Supplemental urea to corn silage-based diets for fattening steers


C. Dragomir, M. Nicolae, Smaranda Pop, Liliana Stoica, C. Popescu, A. Calin
Effect of dietary protein supplements during the dry period on the milk yield of dairy cows during early lactation


C. Dragomir, M. Nicolae, I. Stoica, Smaranda Pop, C. Popescu
The effect of dietary wheat grains on Romanian Black Spotted calves performance


Smaranda Pop, M. Nicolae, C. Dragomir, Dorica Voicu
Influence of dietary barley silage level on young Brown cattle performance


Elena Ghita
Crossbreeding used in the production of superfine wool. III. Characterization of the hybrid sheep produced in the second step of crossbreeding


Dorica Voicu, I. Voicu,Alexandrina Dihoru, Liliana Stoica, Gh. Burlacu
Investigations on the energy and protein metabolism in precocious growing ewes from Teleorman County


A. Popa, M. Tapai, R.C. Duca
Survey on yeast strains biomass production capacity. Physical and chemical characterisation of the biomass


Margareta Olteanu, Manuela Chetea, Rodica Diana. Criste, Anca Bercaru, D.I. Holban, J. Neculce, M. Bejenaru
Investigations on the effect of Helmox antioxidant on fat peroxiding


R. Burlacu
Optimal control of some metabolism processes