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Archiva Zootechnica Vol. 17 - 2014

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Table of contents


Optimal dietary copper levels for pig growth
J. Sales


Evaluation of dietary vitamin E supplementation on performance characteristics and immuno-competence of broiler chickens
O.B. Faluyi, J.O. Agbede, I.A. Adebayo, M. Adegbenro


Effect of constant ME:CP at different levels of CP and ME on growth performance and meat characteristics of broilers from 1-28 days
Z. Iqbal A. Mughal, Z. Kamran, A. Ali, U. Ahsan


Study of the feeding value and antioxidant capacity of winery by-products, potential natural antioxidants for farm animal diet formulations
Margareta Olteanu, Criste Rodica Diana, Tatiana Dumitra Panaite, Mariana Ropota, Monica Mitoi, Iulia Varzaru, Arabela Elena Untea


Protein quality assessment from unconventional feed plants for feeding laying hens
Iulia Varzaru, Tatiana Panaite, Gabriela Cornescu, Margareta Olteanu, I. Van


Study concerning the effects of using organic trace mineral supplements (Mn and Zn) on egg quality
Gabriela Maria Cornescu,, Tatiana Dumitra Panaite, Arabela Untea, Rodica Diana Criste


Assessment of corn gluten feed as a substitute for sunflower meal in dairy cows diets
Smaranda Toma, C. Dragomir, Maria Chrenkova, Zuzana Formelova, Jovanka Levic




Archiva Zootechnica Vol. 16 - 2013


Archiva Zootechnica Vol. 18 - 2015