Research / activity topics

  • Isolation, identification, selection and replication of lactic acid bacterial strains, not modified genetically;
  • Development of inoculums as monoculture with selected strains of lactic acid bacteria of Lactobacillus (Lactobacillus acidophilus, L. casei; L. plantarum), Enterococcus (Enterocuccus faecium), Saccharomyces sp. genera;
  • Development of inoculums as polyculture with selected strains of lactic acid bacteria of Lactobacillus (Lactobacillus acidophilus, L. casei; L. plantarum), Enterococcus (Enterocuccus faecium), Saccharomyces sp. genera;
  • Improvement of the existing technologies and development of new technologies for feed bioadditives used as growth promoters in animal feeding and as preservers of the nutritive value of the feeds;
  • Determine the effects of the biopreservatives used as biological alternatives for forage ensiling (to remove the chemical preservers);
  • Highlight the bioproductive effects of the bioadditives in farm animals;
  • Improve the techniques for the preparation and conservation of bulk forages by ensiling;
  • Identification if natural alternatives in animal feeding.

The laboratory has the functional capacity to isolate, identify, select and replicate strains of lactic acid bacteria and yeasts, which to be used for the development of biopreparations acting as preservatives of the nutritive value of the forages and as growth promoters in animal feeding.

For these activities the laboratory has autoclaves, heating/drying ovens, thermostats, pH meters, microscopes, fume chambers for bacteriology, centrifuges, IL 00 installation for the production of feed bioadditives, dosing and packing equipment, fridges, scales, etc.


Pilot station for biotechnological products

The pilot station assumes the research conducted in the laboratory and materializes it by the elaboration of bioadditives used for forage preservation (Biocons) and with growth promoting role and as natural alternatives to antibiotics and coccidiostatics (Avilact, Suinlact, Bovilact, Ovinlact).

These products can be used directly by the animal breeders and they improve farm competitiveness and the quality and salubrity of the forages due to their specific effects, as shown below:

Biocons - bioadditive used for forage preservation


  • forage plants ensiling;
  • remove chemical preservatives;
  • enhance lactic acid fermentation and neutralize proteolysis of the vegetal mass;
  • increase the content of lactic acid and lower the pH value to 4.0 4.5;
  • inhibit the replication of unfavorable microorganisms (clostridia, fungi etc.);
  • better preservation of the dry matter, protein, vitamins and minerals;
  • improved silage quality and salubrity;
  • increased forage palatability and digestibility;
  • better animal performance;
  • shorter period of silage fermentation maturation, from 90-120 days to just 30 days;
  • lower degradation losses of the silage from 20-25% to just 1-2%;
  • lower environmental pollution.

Bioadditives with growth promoting role (Avilact, Suinlact, Bovilact, Ovinlact)


  • enhance the immune system by an increased resistance to diseases produced by pathogen or pathogen-conditioned bacteria;
  • bioregulate the flora favorable to sanogenesis within the GIT;
  • make a barrier attached to the intestinal epithelium and exclude by competition the pathogen bacteria;
  • inhibit the pathogen or pathogen-conditioned microorganisms (E. coli, Salmonella, Clostridium perfringens, Staphilococcus, Campylobacter, Streptococcus, Proteus) and even protozoa (Emeria), action performed by the lactic acid and by some bacteriocines (nisin, acidolin, lactalin, etc) synthesized by the lactic bacteria;
  • remove antibiotics and coccidiostatics used as growth promoters in the diets;
  • increase calcium availability in the organism and prevent thus osteoporosis;
  • increase animal appetite and the feed conversion ratio;
  • improve animal performance;
  • decrease stress, morbidity and mortality rates.
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