Analele INCDBNA 24 - 2008

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Contribution and researches concerning intensive growing of catfish (Silurus glanis) in open growth units under the influence of environmental factors
Cecilia Bucur, Mioara Costache, M. Costache, Corina Gheorghe, Nicoleta Dobrota


Testing some protein feed used for the intensive carp raising (Cyprinus carpio, l.1758), during summer ii
Corina Elena Gheorghe, Daniela Radu, Mioara Costache, Cecilia Bucur


Technologic performances of carp breeding (Cyprinus carpio) in ground basins of small dimensions
Nicoleta Dobrota, Mioara Costache, S. Stancioiu, Gh. Dobrota


The stimulation of milk secretion at sheep and goats by supplementing the fodder ratios with vegetal lecithin
Carmen Ana Pivoda, Camelia Zoia Zamfir, Daniela Jitariu, S. I. Walter, Toma Alexandrina


Evaluation of biochemical characters of broiler chickens during dietary aflatoxin and clinoptilolite exposure
H. Oguz, Firuze Kurtoglu, Varol Kurtoglu, Yavuz O. Birdane


Orego-Stim�: the proven & researched alternative to infeed antibiotic growth promoters & coccidiostats
J. Tan Yu-Wen


Organic animal breeding and production; quality assessment of raw materials and products
J. Seregi, G. Zsarn�czay, K. Incze, �. Kov�cs, G. Holl�


Effectiveness of the use of a ferment preparation in pig breeding
Larisa Caisin


Chemical composition of the green protein concentrate, prepared from various grasses
Larisa Caisin, Natalia Grosu


Biotechnological studies concerning the lactic-acid producing selected microorganisms
Ana Despina Ionescu, Elena Boca, Eugenia Mocanu, Ramona Ionela Dumitru, Amalia Stefaniu, Angela Casarica, Stefana Jurcoane, A. Vamanu


Relationships between estimates of fertility and motility for porcine spermatozoa collected from Landrace boars
Ioana Sgura, N. Pacala, N. Corin, Ramona Untaru, Eliza Simiz, F. Negrut, Nicoleta Ionescu


Assessment of serum mineral and certain biochemical variables in self-sucking dairy cows
S. Bademkiran, B. Yokus, H. Icen, D.U. Cakir, D. Kurt


A study on presence of brucellosis in milk from Afyon region sheep
B. Kenar, S. Erdenlig, E. Seng�r


Effect of chromium yeast (Co-factor III, Alltech inc.) and folic acid supplementation on egg yolk folic acid, chromium and cholesterol levels in laying hens
H. Eseceli, N. Degirmencioglu, E. Demir, L. Bayraktar, M. Bilgic



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