Archiva Zootechnica, vol. 22, 2019

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Study of the role of aristolochic acid in triggering the porcine nephropathy
Daniela E. Marin, Gina C. Pistol, Gabi Dumitrescu, Mihai A. Gras, Ionelia Taranu



Relation between the health of laying hens and eggs quality: a mini review
Mihaela Hăbeanu, Anca Gheorghe, Rodica Diana Criste, Margareta Olteanu, Petruta Visinescu



Effect of low-fiber sunflower meal and phytase addition on broiler carcass traits, and meat quality
Daniela-Mihaela Grigore, Georgeta Ciurescu, Lavinia Idriceanu, Silvia Mironeasa, Mădălina Iuga, Narcisa Băbeanu



Effects of feed additives with synbiotic activity in broiler chickens on nutrient digestibility
Gavris Teodor, Untea Arabela Elena, Panaite Tatiana Dumitra, Olteanu Margareta



Feeding female lambs with peas and soybeans as protein sources
Ina Stoycheva, A. Kirilov



The effects of using saccharomyces cerevisiae in the dairy cows feeding on their long-term performances
Marinela Enculescu, Maria Voiculescu, S. Sertu, Ioana Nicolae



Estimation of the genetic parameters for reproduction traits using a threshold model in Teleorman Black Head sheep breed
Rodica Ștefania Pelmuş , H. Grosu, C. M. Rotar, Elena Ghiţă, Cristina Lazăr, Florin Popa



Calf birth weight and its association with dam’s subsequent lactation performance and lactation curve in Holstein dairy cows in Iran
Anise Asaadi, Farzad Shiebani, Hadi Atashi




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Table of contents


Feeding female lambs with peas and soybeans as protein sources
Ina Stoycheva, Atanas Kirilov



Determination of rumen degradability, intestinal digestibility and protein nutritional value of sunflower cake produced in Bulgaria
Krum Nedelkov, Nikolai Todorov, Miroslav Simeonov



Effect of the grape seed meal administration on inflammation and oxidative stress in the spleen of piglets fed aflatoxin B1
Daniela Eliza Marin, Cristina Valeria Bulgaru, Mihai Laurentiu Palade, Gina Cecilia Pistol, Mihail Alexandru Gras, Ionelia Taranu



Replacement of commercial premix with composite leaf meal: effects on growth and reproductive performance of peri-pubertal pigs
Samuel Olanrewaju Aro



Obtaining eggs enriched in polyunsaturated fatty acids (PUFA). 1. Use of vegetable sources rich in PUFA as functional ingredients in layer hens diets: A review
Anca Gheorghe, Petru Alexandru Vlaicu, Margareta Olteanu, Petruta Visinescu , Rodica Diana Criste


Obtaining eggs enriched in polyunsaturated fatty acids (PUFA) 2. Clinical studies, consumer perception and market of the PUFA-enriched eggs: A review
Raluca Paula Turcu, Mihaela Sărăcilă, Petru Alexandru Vlaicu, Petruța Vișinescu , Rodica Diana Criste



The effects of millet and a mix of extruded linseed: walnut meal on certain plasma parameters in growing-fattening pigs
Emanuel Târnoveanu, Nicoleta Aurelia Lefter, Anca Gheorghe and Mihaela Hăbeanu



Informational steps and tools in Genomic Selection of livestock. A review.
Mihail Alexandru Gras, Horia Grosu





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