Archiva Zootechnica, vol. 24, 2021

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 Influences of different sources and levels of crude fiber on performances, fatty acids profile and carcass traits in growing-fattening pigs’ diet

Gabriela Maria Cornescu, Tatiana Panaite, Mariana Ropota


 Response of antioxidant status in kidney of pigs exposed to aflatoxin B1 to dietary grape seed meal

Laurentiu Mihai Palade, Ana-Maria Pertea, Ionelia Taranu



 The effects of a low dose OTA exposure on weanling piglet gut microbiota

Iulian Alexandru Grosu, Ana Elena Cismileanu, Daniela Eliza Marin, Ionelia Taranu



 Milk yield genetic parameters estimated using random regression model in Teleorman Black Head Sheep

Florin Popa, Horia Grosu, Mircea-Cătălin Rotar, Rodica Ștefania Pelmuș, Cristina Lazăr, Mihail Alexandru Gras



 Performance and intestinal microflora response of broilers to a probiotic mixture supplementation

Anca Gheorghe, Mihaela Hăbeanu, Mihaela Dumitru, Nicoleta Aurelia Lefter, Lavinia Idriceanu



 Use of brewer’s yeast (Saccharomyces cerevisiae) in broiler feeds to replace corn gluten meal with or without probiotic additives

Georgeta Ciurescu , Mihaela Dumitru, Anca Gheorghe



 Effect of sea buckthorn meal extract in alleviating the toxic effect of ochratoxin A and zearalenone in porcine peripheral blood mononuclear cells

Daniela Eliza Marin, Gina Cecilia Pistol



 Lactobacilli sp. mixture alleviates LPS-induced inflammation in Caco-2 intestinal cell line

Gina Cecilia Pistol and Ionelia Taranu




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 Effects of high fiber ingredients with enzyme/phytoadditive addition on laying hens productive performances, egg nutritional quality and intestinal morphology

Tatiana Dumitra Panaite, Maria Gabriela Cornescu, Mihaela Saracila, Mariana Ropota, Silviu Ionuţ Beia


 Effect of temperature-humidity-index on milk performances of local born Holstein dairy cows under Saharan climate

Lazoumi Ouarfli and Abdelmadjid Chehma



 The effect of dietary addition of a synbiotic after long-term starvation on certain biochemical parameters and liver structure in common carp (Cyprinus carpio L.)

Dimitrinka Zapryanova, Cigdem Urku, Radoslav Simeonov, Alexander Atanasoff, Galin Nikolov, Gergana Sandeva



 Nitrous oxide prediction in manure from pigs given mustard x grapeseed oil cakes as a replacement for sunflower meal

Mihaela Hăbeanu, Nicoleta Aurelia Lefter, Smaranda Mariana Toma, Lavinia Idriceanu, Anca Gheorghe, Ioan Surdu



 Effect of storage time on the hatchability of eggs of two-line dual-purpose combination for production of male chickens for meat

Evgeni Petkov, Teodora Popova



 Evaluation of the effect of synbiotic in piglets' diet on the nutritional quality of pork

Mihaela Saracila, Arabela Elena Untea , Tatiana Dumitra Panaite



 Herbal plants as feed additives in broiler chicken diets

Petru Alexandru Vlaicu, Tatiana Dumitra Panaite, Arabela Elena Untea, Lavinia Idriceanu, Gabriela Maria Cornescu



 Camelina meal and chromium picolinate effects on broiler thigh meat nutritional properties

Arabela Elena Untea, Tatiana Dumitra Panaite, Alexandra Oancea, Raluca Paula Turcu, Mihaela Saracila



 Estimation the genetic parameters for milk yield in Romanian Spotted, Simmental type cattle breed

Rodica Ștefania Pelmuș, Mircea Cătălin Rotar, Cristina Lazăr, Răzvan Alexandru Uță



 Performance and blood metabolites of growing pigs fed Paniculum miliaceum diet

Nicoleta Aurelia Lefter, Mihaela Hăbeanu, Anca Gheorghe, Lavinia Idriceanu



The effects and mechanisms of action of zearalenone in human intestinal epithelial cells

Valeria Cristina Bulgaru, Ionelia Țăranu, Anca Dinischiotu



 Evaluation of Lactobacillus spp. based on phenotypical profile as direct-fed microbial candidate for poultry nutrition

Mihaela Dumitru, Georgeta Ciurescu, Mihaela Hăbeanu





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