Archiva Zootechnica, vol. 25, 2022

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Nutritional potentialities of sweet sorghum plant parts in ruminant production system

Fapohunda O. Olusola, Omotoso B. Oluwatosin and Fajemisin N. Adebowale


 Alterations in meat nutrient composition in response to a partial replacement of corn with triticale in the broiler diet

Anca Gheorghe, Mihaela Hăbeanu, Nicoleta Aurelia Lefter, Raluca Paula Turcu



Preliminary study regarding the effect of season on haematological parameters in Syrian Awassi rams

Moutaz Zarkawi, Ahmad Soukouti



Dietary clove leaf meal supplementation: influence on egg qualities and reproductive morphometry of domestic laying birds

Imoleayo Sarah Olateju, Olufemi Adesanya Adu, Oluwaseyi Titilope Ewegbemi



Genetic evaluation of Teleorman Black Head ewes using genes polymorphism for improving milk traits

Cristina Lazar, Mihail Alexandru Gras, Rodica Stefania Pelmus, Catalin Mircea Rotar



Plasma biochemical profile of dairy cows, with respect to diet and breed

Andreea Vasilachi, Georgeta Ciurescu, Mihaela Hăbeanu



 The pig gut microbiota analysis techniques, a comparison

Iulian A. Grosu, Daniela E. Marin, and Ionelia Țăranu


 Effect of dietary supplementation of some antioxidant combinations on nutrient digestibility in heat-stressed broilers

Mihaela Saracila, Tatiana Dumitra Panaite, Arabela Elena Untea, Iulia Varzaru



Effect of gamma irradiation on the primary and secondary products of lipid oxidation in raw chicken meat, stored under different temperatures and packaging– a meta-analysis

Krasimir Dimov



Estimation of the genetic parameters for Somatic Cell Scores in the first lactation of Romanian Black and White cattle

Rodica Ștefania Pelmuș, Horia Grosu, Mihail Alexandru Gras, Cristina Lazăr, Mircea Cătălin Rotar




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Assessing the efficiency of using a local hybrid of rye for broiler chickens aged 1–42 d, with emphasis on performance and meat quality

Georgeta Ciurescu, Andreea Vasilachi, Idriceanu Lavinia, Mihaela Dumitru, Drăghici Reta



Haemo-thermoregulatory response of wallowed and non-wallowed geese during low temperature humidity index
Ewuola Emmanuel Olubisi, Alegbejo Queen-Esther, Akinbola Elizabeth Toluwani



Effects of dietary supplementation with herbal extract as methionine replacer on growth performance, meat composition, oxidative stability and liver gene expression in broiler chickens
Ilias Giannenas, Stelios Vasilopoulos, Stella Dokou, Theodora Papagrigoriou, Bhaskar Ganguly, Symela Savvidou, Georgios Symeon, Georgios Michailidis, Diamanto Lazari



Effect of Vernonia amygdalina leaf meal on the reproductive indices of male rabbits
Adenike Adeyemi, Christiana Oloyede, Adedamola Adedotun



The effects of diets incorporating natural source of tannins on laying hens’ production performances and physical parameters of eggs
Gabriela Maria Cornescu, Alexandru Petru Vlaicu, Arabela Elena Untea, Tatiana Dumitra Panaite, Alexandra Oancea, Mihaela Saracila



Semen characteristics and fertility response of crosses between white and black plumage indigenous turkeys under artificial insemination
Ewuola Emmanuel Olubisi, Olarinre Isiaq, Adagba Okiki, Abioye, Tope, Adeyemi Oluwaseun, Fabule Samson



Effect of agro-industrial by-products on inflammation and oxidative stress using an in vitro cell model
Daniela Eliza Marin, Cristina Valeria Bulgaru,Gina Cecilia Pistol



Potential and challenge assessment of tannin extracts from black tea in male rabbits fed contaminated diet by Mycotoxins
Aseel Adnan Abdulhussein, Mohammed Munis Dakheel, Jessica Quijada



Development of dual-purpose cross for meat and egg production I. Growth performance and carcass composition of the crossbred chickens in comparison to the parent lines
Evgeni Petkov, Teodora Popova, Maya Ignatova, Vania Sharkova, Krasimir Dimov



The effects of minor oilseeds cakes on rumen metabolism and productive performances of ruminants
Alexandra - Gabriela Oancea, Cătălin Dragomir, Ana Cișmileanu











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