Archiva Zootechnica Vol. 1 - 1989

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Table of contents


Acrylamide agarose system of vertical horizontal bidimensional electrophoresis and histonic conformational changes involved in gene expression control
Emilia Balauru, I.Cureu



Genetic structure of transferrin in Large White pigs and in Landrace x Large White hybrids
I Gavrilet, I Curea, Victoria Neagu, Mariana Rebedea



Genetic structure of transferrin and albumin in Lipitan and Hutul horse breeds and in the hybrid Hutul x Romanian Light Draught horse
I Gavrilet, I Curea, Victoria Neagu, Mariana Rebedea, I.Blaga



Types of haemoglobin in sheep related to environmental adaptation
G.Vicovan, Dorina Rascu



A new biological achievement The synthetic swine line 345 Peris
I.Beris, Maria Stoice, N Zeneci



Possibilities of new line development within swine breeds in top-quality pig units
Felicia Popovici, G.Aureliu, I.Biris, Galieta Paraschivescu, Aurelia Cuc, A.Dutca, V.Gat, Gh. Balbaie Elena Andrei, I.Lup, M.Beres, P.Cretu, D.Axente, Gh.Gheoghitoiu, Gh.Carciumarescu, V.Sasu



Study on the variability of the main quantitative traits in some silkworm races
Ana Brasla, Alexandra Matei, I.Stoian



Results concerning the use of metabolic profile tests in unfertile states in young sheep
I.Pivoda, Stela Zamfirescu, Magdalena Lungu, Angela Cojocaru



Effect of enzymatic predigestion of feed on the productive performances of fattening pigs
Gh.Puia Negulescu, Josefina Stavri, Gh.Burlacu



Study on the feed efficiency in Bombyx Mori L.
Olga Cotenu, Valeria Rusu



Influence of the particle size of the sample on the degree of precision of the calibration coefficients obtained by near infrared reflectance spectroscopy
D.Soneriu, C.M.Luca, V.Popa, Angela Petrescu



Technologies for improving the spruce stand storey pastures and their ecological implications
Gh. Anghel, V.Cardasol



Improvement of pen resting area for different pig categories
D. Simionescu, G. Aureliu, L. Alexandrescu, S. Radulescu, Floarea Sgorcea, S. Dinescu, C. Mircescu



Contributions to the technologies of controlling the species Deschampsia Caespitosa
V. Cardasol, I. Razec, Constantina Chiper


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