Archiva Zootehnica Vol. 6, 2001

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Table of contents


Draganescu C, Doina Grossu, G. Margineanu, St. Popescu Vifor
Note on the animal production and animal science in Romania


Elena Ghita, Ionica Drinca, M. Paraschivescu
Preservation of pure breed sheep dam/sire in crossings from commercial stocks


Fl. Pricop, Lavinia Stanescu, I. Betianu, V. Teodorescu
Genetic determinism of feather color in ROSO SL-2000 hybrid broilers


Fl. Pricop
Genetic determinism of sex in poultry


Doina Grossu, Monica Pârvu, Monica Iliescu, Andreea Iofciu
Efficiency of dietary energy utilization in hens under thermal stress


Alexandrina Dihoru, I. Voicu, Margareta Olteanu, C. Dragomir
Ingestion and digestion aptitudes of Sudan hay-based diets by cattle and buffaloes


Rodica Diana Criste, Taranu Ionelia, Anca Bercaru, Gh. Burlacu, Claudia Mihaila, R. Burlacu
Research on phosphorus (P) availability in diets for layers raised under conditions of heat stress (320C), premise for decreasing the inorganic supplements


Veronica Hebean, I. Moldovan, D. Preoteasa, Mihaela Habeanu, Al. Lionide, Claudia Mihaila
New calcium sources used in pig feeding


Nicolae M., C. Dragomir, Smaranda Pop, A.Calin
Influence of dietary corn silage level on young Brown cattle performance


Nicolae M., C. Popescu, A. Calin, C. Dragomir
Influence of compound feed amount on silage intake and weight gain in steers


Monica Iliescu, Doina Grossu, Andreea Iofciu, S. Diaconescu
Nutritive value of rice polishing used in growing pigs feeding


Margareta Olteanu, Alexandrina Dihoru, I. Voicu, C. Dragomir
Studies on the ruminal degradation in cows fed on alfalfa and barley-based diets


Georgeta Ciurescu, I. Moldovan, Anca Vasile
Bioproductive effect of a protein concentrate on the performance of broiler chicks


Dorica Voicu, Gh. Burlacu, I. Voicu
Investigations on the energy metabolism in growing cattle. growing buffaloes and weathers fed on different diet structures


Dragomir C., M. Nicolae, T. Stoica, G. Petrescu, C. Popescu
Optimizing the structure of calf diets focusing on IDP quality


Smaranda Pop, M. Nicolae, C. Dragomir, G. Petrescu, A. Calin, D. Colceri
Influence of the dietary protein level on the quality of cow milk


Smaranda Pop, M. Nicolae, C. Dragomir, A. Calin
Influence of restricted/unrestricted feeding on the production performance of growing Brown cattle


Mihaela Habeanu, Veronica Hebean, I. Moldovan, Constanta Bem, Claudia Mihaila
Research on dietary phosphorus bioavailability in weaned piglets using exogenous enzymes


Monica Pârvu, Andreea Iofciu, Doina Grossu, Monica Iliescu
Efficiency of toasted fullfat soybeans utilization in broiler feeding


Elena Popescu-Miclosanu, Consuela Roibu
Research on the influence of dietary energy on the growth performance and meat quality in the Muscovy ducks. 1. Effects of high and medium levels of metabolic energy


Elena Popescu-Miclosanu, Consuela Roibu
Research on the influence of dietary energy on the growth performance and meat quality in the Muscovy ducks. 1. Effects of medium and low levels of metabolic energy in mixed feed


Cristina Tabuc, Floarea Borcea, Carmen Badea, Daniela Marin
Reduction of the polluting effect of droppings using a dietary microbial preparation in broiler feeding


Carmen Gratiela Badea
Physical methods used to determine milk replacer structure


Hisham Fouad Greiss, Georgeta Dinita, Doina Brailoiu Tanase
Study on the addition of balanced secondary and micronutrients to mulberry plantations in Egyptian conditions




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