Archiva Zootehnica Vol. 9, 2006

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Effects of feeding mycotoxin binder (HSCAS) at later ages on gastrointestinal environment and metabolism in broilers
Mehmet Basalan, Tulin Gungor, Ilkay Aydogan, S. Ege Hismiogullari, Serkan Erat, Evren Erdem



In vitro effect of deoxynivalenol on porcine lymphocyte immune functions
Daniela E. Marin, Ionelia Taranu, Gina Manda, Ionela Nagoe, Isabelle P. Oswald



Study of zearalenone contaminated feedstuffs on the detoxification enzymes
Radu-Corneliu Duca, Frederique Bravin, Marcel Delaforge



The intestinal microflora of piglets around weaning - with emphasis on lactobacilli
R. Pieper, P. Janczyk, Rhena Schumann, W. B. Souffrant



Mesophilic and psychrotrophic aerobic sporulating microorganisms in raw cow�s milk
V. Foltys, K. Kirchnerov�



Variability of the ruminal degradability of protein meals used within Romanian market: its influence on their nutritive value
Smaranda Pop, C. Dragomir, Rodica Diana Criste, M. Nicolae, Mihaela Vlassa, Georgiana Stoica



Enhancing nutritional quality of sunflower meal in broiler feeding
Sredanovic Slavica, Levic Jovanka, Djuragic Olivera



Comparative study on the effects of high plant oil diets on layer performance. I. Bioproductive performance and organoleptic characteristics of the eggs
Tatiana Panaite, Denisa Rachieru, Rodica Diana Criste



Use of feed additives as source of fat and fatty acids on cow milk production and quality
Dorica Voicu, M. Nicolae, I. Ioanca, Alexandrina Dihoru, I. Voicu, Sanda Velea, A. Calin, R. Duca



Phytase as a factor of improving broilers growth performances and environmental protection
Jovanka Levic, Olivera Djuragic, Slavica Sredanovic



Evaluation of an amylolytical enzymatic product given to piglets during the weaning crisis
Mihaela Habeanu, Alexandrina Dihoru, Veronica Hebean, Stefania Jurcoane, Luminita Tcacenco



Investigations on the influence of some premixes with different vitamin and mineral levels on growth and feed utilization in growing pigs
Liliana Bader, I. Stoica, L. Oprea



Dietary antioxidant effect of vitamin E on different swine tissues
Mona Popa, P. Niculita, M. Ghidurus, Rodica Diana Criste, Mihaela Habean



Effect of feed supplementation with Chlorella vulgaris powder on mice reproduction
Janczyk, Martina Langhammer, Ulla Renne; V. Guiard, W. B. Souffrant



Preliminary investigations on the use of ICAR standardised methods to check the milk yield in sheep
Elena Ghita, A. Calatoiu, Mariana Rebedea, Adriana Vicovan



Study of some biochemical markers in a population of Romanian Spotted cattle
Mariana Rebedea, Elena Ghita, S. E. Georgescu, R. Vatasescu-Balcan, Marieta Costache



Contributions to the study of the leaf protein value in different mulberry varieties
Alexandra Matei, Doina Brailoiu Tanase, Marilena Constantinescu, M. Dolis





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