Archiva Zootehnica Vol. 10, 2007

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Research on the qualitative interactions in pigs due to the transformation of lipids along the forage � animal food chain
Veronica Hebean, C.A. Iliescu, Mihaela Habeanu, Mariana Ropota


Modification of potatoes, by either recombinant DNA technology or conventional breeding, affects their nutritional value for the rat
P. Janczyk, Carola Wolf, Anja Hartmann, H. Junghans,M. Schwerin, W. B. Souffrant


Effects of the mineral premix based on phosphate fritte with chelated bioelements on broiler performance
Georgeta Ciurescu, Anca Vasile, I. Nagy Cristea


Effects of the whole grain, Saccharomyces cerevisiae and yoghurt on performance and some organ characteristics in turkeys
I. E. Ersoy, K. Çelik


Obtaining pro-biotic biomass from yeasts used for fodder farm animals
E. Vamanu, A. Vamanu, O. Popa, Diana Pelinescu, IonelaAvram, Simona Enache Soare


Effects of probiotic and organic acid on performance and organ weights in broiler chicks
K. Çelik, Mine Mutluay, A. Uzatici


Utilisation of oregano ( Origanum vulgaris ) in laying quails ( Coturnix coturnix japonica ) (2): The effects of oregano on performance, carcass yield, liver and some blood parameters
I. Sadi Cetingul, I. Bayram, A. B. Akkaya, C. Uaylar, M. Yardimci, E. H. Sahin, E. Sengor


Effects of Bio-Mos ® and Mycosorb ® feed supplementation on aged laying hens performance and egg quality
Cristina Radu-Rusu, I. M. Pop, L. Panta


Effects of aniseed ( Pimpinella anisum L. ), on egg production, quality, cholesterol levels, hatching results and the antibody values in blood of laying quails ( Coturnix coturnix japonica )
I. Bayram, I. Sadi Cetingul, B. Akkaya, Cangir Uyarlar


Effect of Cr picolinate and Zn supplementation on plasma cortisol and some metabolite levels in Charolais hoggets during acclimatization
I. Yanchev, D. Gudev, S. Ralcheva, P. Moneva


Score estimation of gain of female lambs from Ile de France breed in Bulgaria
Emilya Raicheva, Tanya Ivanova, Elena Kistanova, N. Metodiev


A note on Balkan sheep breeds origin and their taxonomy
C. Draganescu


Use of crossbreeding to produce superfine wool. IV. Characterization of the hybrids obtained in the third stage of crossing
Elena Ghita


Analysis of beta-lactoglobulin and kappa-casein genotypes in cattle
B. R. AL. Vatasescu, S. E. Georgescu, Maria Adnina Manea, Anca Dinischiotu, Marieta Costache


A new PCR-RFLP method for analyzing the Cream locus involved in the coat colour of horses
S. E. Georgescu, Andreea Toana, Anca Dinischiotu, Marieta Costache


Adrenal glands- and testes - function as an indicator of welfare in male but turkeys
Nadia Bozakova, Simona Popova-Ralcheva


Physiological indices in buffaloes exposed to sun
D. Gudev, S. Popova-Ralcheva, P. Moneva, Y.Aleksiev, Tz. Peeva, P. Penchev, I.Ilieva



Effect of the stage of maturity and mode of conservation of Sudangrass on the efficiency of microbial proteosynthesis in the rumen
C. Dragomir, Smaranda Pop, M. Nicolae, Alexandrina Dihoru, I. Stoica


Histological modifications at the duodenum level generated by utilization of the medicinal herbs and essential oils in broilers' feeding
G. Dumitrescu, Lavinia Stef, D. Drînceanu, I. Luca, C Julean, D. Stef


Possibilities of optimi zation of Pinzgauer cattle breeding program in Slovakia
R. Kasarda, O. Kadlecik, G. Meszaros





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