Archiva Zootechnica Vol. 11 - 2008

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Herbs and organic acids as an alternative for antibiotic-growth-promoters
Jovanka Levic, Markov Sini�a, Olivera Djuragic, Sredanovic Slavica


Alteration on the histological structure of some organs induced by low levels of Don mycotoxin in weaned piglets
G. Dumitrescu, D. Drinceanu, Lavinia Stef, Liliana Boca, Ionelia Taranu, Daniela Marin


Inbreeding in purebred Slovak Pinzgau dual-purpose cattle population
O. Kadlec�k, R. Kasarda, G. M�sz�ros


Comparison between breeding values for milk production and reproduction of bulls of Holstein breed in artificial insemination and bulls in natural service
J. Bezd�cek, Zlata Lakom�, F. Louda


Lipid profile after alpha-linolenic acid (ALA) enriched eggs diet: a study on healthy volunteers
Dana Manda, Mihaela Giurcaneanu, Liliana Ionescu, Rodica Criste, Tatiana Panaite, Oana Popa, Suzana Vladoiu, Olga Iana


The effect of inoculation on the fermentation characteristics, aerobic stability and intake of grass-legume silage by dairy cows
J. Jatkauskas and Vilma Vrotniakiene


Effect of the dietary alfalfa on iron balance in weaned piglets
Rodica Diana Criste, Arabela Untea, Tatiana Panaite, Ionelia Taran


The use of X-ray computer tomography for slaughter value estimation of cattle
G. Holl�, E. Szucs, J. Tozs�r, I. Holl�, J. Seregi, I. Repa


Note on the genetic history of the Romanian Saddleback (Bazna) pig breed conservation nucleus
C. Draganescu, Elena Ghita, Al.Nagy



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Table of contents


Occupational tradition and modernity in rural Romanian environment
E. Blaga


Immunomodulators as efficient alternatives to in-feed antimicrobials in pig production?
Melanie Gallois, Isabelle P. Oswald


Expression of Avian �-Defensins in the chicken (Gallus domesticus) reproductive tract
G. Michailidis, A. Argiriou, A. Kalivas, Melpomeni Avdi, G. Pendavinji, V. Pappa


Antimicrobial and immunomodulatory activity of some probiotic fractions with potential clinical application
F. Iordache, Carmen Iordache, Mariana Carmen Chifiriuc, Coralia Bleotu, Madalina Pavel, Diana Smarandache, Elena Sasarman, Veronica Laza, Marcela Bucu, Olguta Dracea, Cristina Larion, Ani Cota, Mariana Lixandru


Hydrolyzed brewery yeast product like immunomodulator in weaned piglets
Marcela �peranda, M. Didara, T. �peranda, M. Domacinovic, H. Valpotic, Jasna Kovacevic, Z. Antunovic, J. Novoselec


Effect of the dietary calcium fructoborate given to weaned piglets on calcium balance
Arabela Untea, Tatiana Panaite, Rodica Diana Criste


Effects of bacterial xylanase on egg production in the laying quail (Coturnix coturnix japonica) diets based on corn and soybean meal
I. Bayram, I. Sadi Cetingul, A. Burhaneddin Akkaya, C. Uyarlar


Effect of stocking density on litter microbial load in broiler chickens
M. Yardimci, B. Kenar


Trends of endangered population of Pinzgau Cattle in Slovakia
Radovan Kasarda, Ondrej Kadlec�k, G�bor M�sz�ros


Preliminary investigations on the use of photodynamic inactivation to treat open wounds contaminated with Staphylococcus and Pseudomonas bacteria and clinical evaluation of pigs
Dorica Voicu, Veronica Hebean, Mihaela Antonina Calin, I. Voicu, Alexandrina Dihoru, I. Togoe, Liliana Bader



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Table of contents


Improvement of forages to increase the efficiency of nutrient and energy use in temperate pastoral livestock systems
M. K. Theodorou, Alison Kingston Smith, M. Abberton


Lipids and fatty acid composition of Longissimus thoracis and Semitendinosus muscles in finishing Normand cows
Mihaela Habeanu, D. Durand, Myl�ne Gobert, Dominique Bauchart


Estimating the live weight using some body measurements in Saanen goats
G. Pesmen, M. Yardimci


Effect of heat treatment duration on ruminal degradation and digestibility of whole nonlinted cottonseeds
H. Alobeid, C. Dragomir, I. Stoica, Smaranda Pop


Comparative study on some Romanian and Bulgarian silkworm hybrids with the aim of their introduction in the family sericultural seed farms � I. economical characters of the egg and larva
Alexandra Matei, N. Petkov, P. Tzenov, Gabriela Chioveanu, Z. Petkov, B. Vlaic, Cristina Bojan


Comparative effects of mint, sage, thyme and flavomycin in wheat-based broiler diets
E. Demir, K. Kilinc, Y. Yildirim, Fatma Dincer, H. Eseceli


Effect of including canola oil in dairy cows diets on the milk yield and milk fatty acids profile
M. Nicolae, Smaranda Pop, C. Dragomir


Genetic correlations of productive and reproductive traits of Simmental cows in Republic of Serbia
V. Pantelic, M. M. Petrovic, Stevica Aleksic, Du�ica Ostojic, Ljiljana Sretenovic, Ž. Novakovic


Estimation of breeding values of Anatolian population of Simmental cows using test day milk yields
S. Cilek, H. Orhan, A. Kaygisiz, E. Hesna Sahin


Genetic history of Palas Merino breed during 1930-2003
P. G. Vicovan, Adriana Vicovan, R. Radu, A. Ida, Camelia Zamfir, Ana Enciu



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