Archiva Zootechnica Vol. 12 - 2009

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Ochratoxin: nature, origin, metabolism and toxic effects in pigs
Daniela Eliza Marin, Ionelia Taranu, Cristina Tabuc, Monica Burgehelea


New technologies and quality of trout and carp aquafeed
R. Jovanovic, Jovanka Levic, Slavica Sredanovic, D. Milisavljevic, �. German, Olivera �uragic, S. Obradovic


Efficiency of soybean meal replacement by rapeseed meal and/or canola seeds in commercial layer diets
Georgeta Ciurescu


Breeding potential of the Slovak Pinzgau cattle: seeking biochemical and molecular biologic traits
V. Melus, R. Kasarda, O. Kadlecik, A. Trakovicka


Comparative research on carcass quality in suckling lambs of different local sheep breeds
Elena Ghita Pelmus Rodica, Cristina Lazar, Mariana Rebedea


The effect of genotype on sensory and technological quality of beef
D. Ostojic-Andric, V. Bogdanovic, S. Aleksic, M. M. Petrovic, V. Pantelic, Z. Novakovic


Estimation of some genetic parameters (heritability and repeatability) for milk yield in the Anatolian population of Holstein cows
S. Cilek, Emine Hesna Sahin


Comparative study on some Romanian and Bulgarian silkworm hybrids with the aim of their introduction in the family sericultural seed farms � II. Technological and productive traits of the raw cocoon
Alexandra Matei, N. Petkov, P. Tzenov, Magda Androne, Z. Petkov, Yolanda Vasileva


Utilization of an extract product from ginseng supplementation in diets and different energy levels of granulated feed in the nutrition of rabbits
L Chrastinov�, M Chrenkov�, M Polacikov�, A Laukov�, M Simonov�, R Szab�ov�, V Strompfov�, L Ondru�ka, J Rafay, Z Vasilkov�, I Plach�, � Faix, M Haviarov�, J Mojto



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Table of contents


Effect of microalgae Chlorella vulgaris on laying hen performance
I. Halle, P. Janczyk, G. Freyer, W. B. Souffrant


Effect of dietary probiotic on performance and humoral immune response in layer hens
T. Balevi, U. S. U�an, B. Coskun, V. Kurtoglu, S. �eting�l


The effects of the age and genotype on morphological egg quality of parent stock hens
Simona Popova-Ralcheva, V. Sredkova, G.Valchev, N. Bozakova


Effects of the dietary Camelina oil on Large White pigs meat quality
Mihaela Habeanu, Veronica Hebean, Ionelia Taranu, Daniela Marin, Mariana Ropota, Viorica Tamas


Brewer�s starch corn as alternative feed ingredient to improve efficacy and meat quality of Large White pigs in growing �finishing period
Veronica Hebean, Mihaela Habeanu, Nicoleta Ciuca, Dorica Voicu


Changes caused by some nutritional factors on rib structure in pigs
G. Dumitrescu, Lavinia Stef, D. Drinceanu, Liliana Petculescu Ciochina, D. Stef, Rodica Diana Criste, Liliana Boca, C Julean


How can we produce healthy beef in Hungary?
G. Holl�, J. Seregi, K. Nuernberg, K. Ender, I. Holl�


Lactation curve traits of Anatolian population of brown Swiss cows in Turkey
S. Cilek, I. Keskin, Fatma Ilhan, E. Hesna Sahin


Use of different silages as new feed resources for ruminants
Akila S. Hamza, M.M. EL-Shinnawy, M.F. Emara, Thanaa F. Mohammadi, A.M. EL-Shinnawy



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Table of contents


Effect of dietary fibre and dietary protein level on nitrogen excretion pattern of growing pigs
P. Patr�, S. Nitrayov�, M. Brestensk�, J. Heger


Effects of moderate (5%) levels of linseed in layer diets
Rodica Diana Criste


The effect of dietary non-starch polysaccharides on the intestinal viscosity and on the cecal microflora of broiler fed with various protein sources
Lavinia Stef, D. Drinceanu, N. Corcionivoschi, C. Julean, D. Stef, Daniela Mot, Eliza Simiz


Oxidative changes in lipids and proteins in beef during storage
Teodora Popova, Penka Marinova, Veselka Vasileva, Y. Gorinov, Krasimira Lidji


Bioproductive and economic effect of the safflower on steer performance
Dorica Voicu, I. Voicu, Veronica Hebean, Liliana Bader, A. Calin


In vitro evaluation of the chemoprotective action of flavan-3-ols against deoxynivalenol related toxicity
Cornelia Braicu, Ioana Berindan-Neagoe, Oana Tudoran, O. Balacescu, Dumitrita Rugina, Claudia Gherman, Carmen Socaciu, Al. Irimie


The effects of stocking density and light program on tibia quality of broilers of different genotype
Zdenka �krbic, Zlatica Pavlovski, D. Vitorovic, M. Lukic, V. Petricevic


Semen quality and relevant blood plasma parameters of Rahmani rams fed different dietary energy levels
Yassein M. Hafez


Interactions among seasonality of reproduction, genotype and the ram effect
A Chanvallon, L Sagot , E Pottier, RJ Scaramuzzi and C Fabre-Nys


Estimation of genetic parameters and breeding values for lifetime production traits for Friesian cattle in Egypt
A. S. Khattab, H. Grosu and A. M. Hussein


Sequencing of exon three of as1-casein sheep and goat gene
Steliana Elvira Maria Kevorkian, Maria Adina Manea, Maria Georgiana Gavrila, Mariana Rebedea, S. E. Georgescu, Marieta Costache



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Table of contents


Effects of plant extract and natural substance food additives on stress and immune response in weaning piglets
M. Schwerin, P. Janczyk, S. Ponsuksili, Christina Walz, W.-B. Souffrant


Possibility of preventing short term calcium deficit by using large size marble particles in nutrition of young laying hens
M. Lukic, Zlatica Pavlovski, Zdenka �krbic, Ž. Jokic, D. Vitorovic, V. Petricevic


Correlations between non-starch polysaccharides levels from combined forages with different percentage of wheat and viscosity at intestinal level in poultry
C. Pandur, D. Drinceanu, Lavinia Stef, C. Julean, I. Luca, D. Stef, Ramona Tetileanu


Prediction of lean meat proportion of lamb carcasses
V. A. P. Cadavez


Determination of purine derivatives in bovine urine using modern chromatographic methods
Mihaela Vlassa, Miuta Filip, Violeta Pascalau, Virginia Coman, C. Dragomir


The effect of urea-treated barley straw in ewe�s diet on pre-weaning growth parameters of lambs
F. Akraim, A. F. Majid, M. S. Rahal, A. A. Ahmed


Evaluation of octhylphenol effect on embryo development in zebra fish (Danio rerio) and common carp (Cyprinus carpio)
Gabi Dumitrescu, Liliana Petculescu-Ciochina, S. Voia, A. Grozea, T. Polen, Liliana Boca, I. Banatean-Dunea


Evaluation of homogeneity in feed by method of microtracers�
Olivera Djuragic, Jovanka Levic, Slavica Sredanovic, Ljubinko Levic


Studies regarding the production of probiotic biomass from Lactobacillus plantarum strains
E. Vamanu


Microsatellites variations in Romanian Mangalitsa and Large White swine populations
Maria Adina Manea, S. E. Georgescu, Sorina Dinescu,, Steliana Kevorkian, Marieta Costache




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