Archiva Zootechnica Vol. 18 - 2015

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Canonical discriminant analysis of early maturity traits of parent stock layer strains in the tropics
O. M. A. Jesuyon and C. Isidahomen


Demographic characteristics of African river prawn, (Macrobrachium vollenhovenii, Herklots 1857) in the Lower Taylor Creek, Niger Delta, Nigeria
T. Kingdom


Duck production in Nigeria: flock characteristics, management and mortality
A. O. Oguntunji and K. L. Ayorinde


Estimation of the genetic parameters for test-day milk yield in Montbeliarde cattle
Rodica Stefania Pelmus, H. Grosu, Cristina Lazar, C. M. Rotar, Andreea Vasilachi, M. A. Gras, R. A. Uta, Elena Ghita


Use of high-fibre feedstuffs in pullet diets starting with the starter stage
C. Panaite, D. Dragatoiu, R. Marti, Tatiana Panaite


Evolution of lutein and zeaxanthin concentration in the yolk of layers fed lutein-enriched diets
V. Bunduc, Tatiana Dumitra Panaite, Iulia Varzaru, Maria Gabriela Cornescu, C. V. Panaite, M. Pop


Influence of botanic mixes high in carotenoids (lutein and zeaxanthin) used in layer diets on the quality parameters of the eggs
Tatiana Dumitra Panaite, V. Bunduc, Rodica Diana Criste, Maria Gabriela Cornescu


Effects of partial or total replacement of sunflower meal with camelina meal in the diets of dairy cows on milk yield and quality
Smaranda Toma, C. Dragomir, Mihaela Habeanu, Mariana Ropota, Ana Cismileanu, H. Grosu



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Influence of extrusion process on free fatty acid content in linseed-sunflower meal co-extrudate
Dusica Colovic, R. Colovic, Nedeljka Spasevski, Bojana Ikonic, C. Dragomir, V. Banjac, Olivera Duragic


Comparative studies on frozen ram semen performances of in vitro and in vivo by application of the artificial insemination technology
Stela Zamfirescu, Andreea Anghel, Daniela Jitariu, Dorina Mocuta, A. R. I. Mostafa


Testing and evaluation of mathematical models used in farm animals' nutrition
R. Burlacu, C. Nitu, F. Gogoasa


Effect of linseed co-extrudates addition into a broiler chickens diet on fatty acid composition of leg meat
P. Ikonic, Dusica Colovic, Tatjana Tasic, D. Okanovic, Jasmina Gubic, Sanja Popovic, Jovanka Levic


Effect of the dietary fenugreek (Trigonella foenum-graecum), used as antioxidant in layer diets, on the nutritional quality of the eggs
Tatiana Dumitra Panaite, Iulia Varzaru, Rodica Diana Criste, Camelia Papuc, Gabriela Maria Cornescu, Mariana Ropota, Corina Predescu


Effect of Mentha piperita on some morphological characteristics of intestine in Japanese quails (Coturnix coturnix japonica)
Ibrahim Sadi Cetingul, Abdur Rahman, Aykut Ulucan, Hikmet Keles, Ismail Bayram, Cangir Uyarlar, Eyup Eren Gultepe


Improving the adaptation properties of plants in vitro using growth regulator natrium humate
T. Bekseitov, Irina Anikina


Influence of pelleting process and material particle size on the stability of retinol acetate
Nedeljka Spasevski, D. Vukmirovic, Jovanka Levic, Bojana Kokic, Ljiljana Kostadinovic, Sanja Popovic, Olivera Duragic


Use of multicriteria AHP (Analytical Hierarchy Process) method to rank feeding solutions, tested on layers, while observing environmental protection
Madalina Arama, I. V. Criste, Rodica Diana Criste, Tatiana Panaite




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