Anim Bio

Biobasis for Animal Nutrition

AnimBio infrastructure concentrates most of the equipment, methodologies/know-how and staff engaged in animal nutrition in Romania. Much of the specific infrastructure equipment (digestibility cages, metabolic chambers, equipment used to determine rumen degradability, etc.) is unique not just in Romania, but they also lack in many Eastern Europe countries. AnimBio role is to provide the basis required for conducting animal nutrition research (on the major species and categories of farm animals), at European standards and in a volume of work large enough so as to ensure a significant flow of scientific results, of various types, and which to a determining factor for the modernization of the animal production sector, while having a major impact on the society.


  • 237 ha irrigable arable land used for animal nutrition experiments (producing experimental feeds, securing the bulk forages for ruminant nutrition trials);
  • Houses for pigs, cattle, poultry, fitted for experimental activities:
    • cattle (overall capacity = 250 heads): cows (confined system / free system), fattening steers, prophylactic area, fibre glass cages for calves, summer camp;
    • pigs (overall capacity = 2000 heads): farrowing-growing pigs, pregnancy, fattening pigs;
    • poultry (yearly capacity = 20,000): raised in batteries or on the floor.
  • Digestibility cages / stands for cattle, sheep, pigs;
  • Environmentally-controlled chambers for poultry and laying hens;
  • Facilities for bulk forages processing and preserving.


COLLABORATION: IBNA collaborators / interested units can benefit on a contractual basis from the biobase infrastructure and from the specialized personnel for conducting experiments in the IBNA biobase.

For further details please visit us at Availability for cooperation