Object of activity

The object of activity of the Institute is:

  • Scientific research, technological development and innovation in:
    • animal nutrition and physiology;
    • animal biology (animal nutrition and animal/human health, management of the animal genetic resources);
    • forage production technologies.
  • Formulation, production, testing and marketing of:
    • biopreparations;
    • vitamin-mineral premixes and medicated premixes;
    • protein vitamin-mineral concentrates and tailored compound feeds;
    • feed additives and other products specific to our activity.


  • Technological transfer of the research results;
  • Development of studies, strategies and standards;
  • Testing for the registration and homologation of products for zootechnical use;
  • Scientific and technologic services, advisory activity and professional training;
  • Publishing;
  • National and international scientific relations;
  • Cooperation, domestic and foreign trade with institutions, organizations and companies.




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